Telsmith Hosts First Grade Class to Emphasize Importance of Manufacturing

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Linda Schmale's first grade class from Wilson Elementary School
Linda Schmale's first grade class from Wilson Elementary School

Mequon, Wisconsin, USA – May 24, 2013 – Linda Schmale's first grade class from Wilson Elementary School visited the Telsmith corporate offices in Mequon for an educational fieldtrip on manufacturing. The class had a hands-on learning experience where they were able to further their knowledge of equipment, engineering and designing. Their lesson was followed up with a full plant tour of the Telsmith factory to witness the equipment being built up close.

At Telsmith, we believe it is important to get children involved in the manufacturing industry at an early age. You might think first grade is too young, but their teacher says otherwise. "In first grade, students are developmentally ready to begin learning about the world outside their family.  We learn about maps, jobs in our community, goods and services, and transportation systems. Our visit to the Telsmith manufacturing plant provides the students with the opportunity to apply what they've learned in the classroom," says Linda Schmale. By showing young students what goes on inside the Telsmith factory, we can get them thinking about what goes on in other manufacturing buildings in our community.

"Understanding manufacturing helps children understand the world around them.  They learn about how goods are produced, who produces them and how manufactured products are used in their community and the world.  Children learn about the jobs skills necessary for manufacturing and how their current work in school will lead to skills necessary to design, produce, and transport goods," adds their teacher. Providing the students with these experiences may lead to future interest in the manufacturing industry. Whether their dream is to be an engineer, a skilled welder or machinist, there are many different career paths we can get our youth excited about at an early age.

Telsmith is honored to be the manufacturer of choice for Wilson Elementary School field trips. We look forward to more visits from the school and other schools in the near future. For questions or requests regarding a Telsmith community visit, please contact Caitlin Krieger, Marketing Coordinator, at 262-518-1403.

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